Daily Archives: January 15, 2006

Silly Parent #5


I should just end the post there but I guess I’ll explain. Note to self: make sure you put the diaper on the baby tightly and not crooked. Or else she’ll be sitting in your lap taking a poop when you’re all alone. And you’ll think wow it’s warm on my hand…and um on my lap. Oh my gawd the poop came out onto my hand, onto my nightgown, and onto my robe!

So what did I do? Luckily there was a piece of tissue close at hand. I wiped the poop off my hand as best I could with the tissue. But then as I was wadding it up it sort of snapped back and poop came flying towards my face. It was like in a movie. Everything was moving in slow motion and I could see it coming towards my face, this little wetness that had just come out of Isabelle’s butt. And then bam! It landed on my nose. GAWD!!! POOP ON MY NOSE!!

Yeah…that’s all I have to say about that. Let us never mention it again.

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