Daily Archives: January 13, 2006

Month Four With Isabelle

Yesterday Isabelle turned four months old! I can’t believe how quickly the time went by.

Sleeping this month has been a rollercoaster ride. She now sleeps for really long periods of time, or I should say can…CAN. When we CAN get her down at night she is a champion sleeper going for as long as twelve hours. TWELVE HOURS people!! She’ll surface a little for some nursing but even that has cut down within the past two days.

So what else has been happening this fourth month?

  • Isabelle had her first Christmas and New Year. They were absolutely wonderful but wreaked havoc on her sleeping.
  • She laughed for the first time for her daddy, a real laugh not a sleeping laugh. Here’s the link for the video again.
  • We thought she might have a tooth coming in, drooling and chewing on mommy and daddy and anything. But who knows. It may just have been the holidays messing us up.
  • She started doing the king kong thing. See video again here.
  • During tummy time she can hold her head up high.
  • She’s discovered her feet. Sometimes she’ll just sit there holding her toes in her hand. Or sometimes she holds her hands with her toes (our little monkey).
  • Isabelle has really started protesting car rides. It’s not always a sure thing though. I suspect she just doesn’t like night car rides.
  • She got to meet great grandmothers this month, on my side and on Alan’s side of the family.
  • And no more head wobbling. She can sit there with nary a wobble.
  • Rolling over. Hmmmm…on that one. Alan says she can but you know we haven’t really tested it. I mean she will roll over onto her stomach when she’s next to me on the bed but I think my weight on the bed helps her with that. We will have to test that one out for real.
  • Four months famiy picture

    I am constantly surprised by how much I love this little person. The thought of losing her makes my edges numb. My love feels so big that I can’t see how other parents could possibly feel this bursting love. But they do. I’ve seen it in the way they look at their children or in somethig they say and I’m right there with them. It’s amazing.

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