Daily Archives: January 11, 2006

New Yarn

Yes that is Nestle’s nose in this picture smelling the yarn. And yes I did buy new yarn when I have unfinished projects waiting.

I love the big bad baby blanket I made Isabelle. Well not quite love because I really disliked the stripes. But I love the size of it and the way it lays and I love using it more than any of her other store bought blankets.

So I just got it into my head to make her a new big bad baby blanket. So off to the Yarn Boutique we went. (Have I ever mentioned the Yarn Boutique here? It’s a yarn store in Lafayette that I like to go to. There are other yarn stores in my area but I prefer to go to the Yarn Boutique. They are always so helpful and friendly there.)

Anyhoo…back to what I was saying. I couldn’t decide on which color I liked more so I thought why not buy both colors! And since they didn’t have any colors that really called out to me in the Plymouth Yarn Encore Colors which I used last time why not buy some more expensive Lorna’s hand dyed yarn? See…told you my brain shorts out when it comes to yarn.