Daily Archives: January 7, 2006


Hp tagged me on this meme and I totally forgot I was going to do it.

Oh yeah…and Hp…I will try the Tylenol thing. And I must really get your email address. I’m used to replying to people directly through email and not in comments. That’s because I always forget to check when I comment and I assume other people are the same. And I feel weird replying on your blog about something you posted on mine. You don’t have an email listed anywhere and I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while now but keep forgetting so here I am…asking. Email me…please :)

Remove the blog in the top of the list and put yours at the bottom:

1. amy

2. alex

3. trixie

4. hp

5. kuky

What were you doing 10 years ago?

Wow that seems ages ago…ummm…my memory is crap I don’t remember. Working somewhere and going to school?

What were you doing 1 year ago?

Oooh I remember this. I knew I was pregnant but it wasn’t until I checked that I found out exactly a year ago to the day that I was pregnant with Isabelle. I wasn’t working but this same day I got a job offer. It was a really good day.

Five snacks you enjoy:

1. String cheese or cheddar cheese

2. Chocolate with milk

3. Crunchy Cheetos

4. Popcorn

5. Pocky

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:

1. Hushabye Mountain

2. Hush Little Baby

3. ABC Song

4. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

5. Itsy Bits Spider

See a pattern here??

Five bad habits:

1. I don’t think this is a bad habit but Alan does…ok maybe it is. I obsess that people don’t roll their shopping carts away. I always roll mine to the proper place and if there is no proper place in the parking lot I will roll it back into the store. I may even yell obscenities like lazy *@$& at those people as they’re driving away.

2. Ok I obsess about having stuff straight at Blockbuster and will straighten sometimes if Alan isn’t watching.

3. When I shop with other people I can drive them crazy by obsessing about putting stuff away in the place they came from when in the store. I’m getting better at this Bridgette, I am.

4. Ok there was a pattern forming there along the lines of me being obsessive compulsive so let’s change the tone here. I don’t always put my bills in the same place and then misplace them and that’s really bad for bills.

5. Keep wearing coats and taking them off in the car and leaving them there. Then I have no coats to wear and the car is filled with them.

Five things you like doing:
1. Sleeping

2. Taking a shower (in our baby class this was the one thing on my list of not giving up after Isabelle being born)

3. Taking pictures of Isabelle

4. Knitting

5. Drawing

Five things you would never wear again:

I can’t really think of anything. I’m not really that into fashion that I know names of stuff that people wear.

Five favorite toys:

1. Monchichi

2. Play-doh

3. Lego

4. Pound Puppy

5. Cabbage Patch Kid

Five home must-haves that you don’t have but really, obscenely want:

1. Yard service, complete with dog waste removal (I’m with Hp on this one and Trixie has been reading my blog long enough to know I need help with the gardening)

2. Kitchen Aid Mixer. oh my gawd I want one of these really really badly but I already have a hand mixer so yeah…

3. Roomba vacuum. That would be a dream…sucking up all of Waldo’s dog hair.

4. Closet organization system. Our closet is such a mess. A MESS.

5. Shower with two separate shower heads and two separate temperature controls. I like my showers hot hot hot. Alan likes them mild and we like taking them together. Or we used to before Isabelle.

Where do you want to be at this time next year?

Here with my own online store. That would be nice.

There’s Just No Pleasing Us

Today Isabelle was falling asleep while she was getting her bath. And then she fell asleep in Alan’s arms even before he got to dry her hair off. He put her down in the bed next to me and she was totally out. Didn’t even need to give her boob. It was freaking me out. Alan’s all like, “You want me to wake her up?? I will. I’ll wake her up!

After all my complaining on here about her not sleeping and then when she does I complain about that too…there’s just no pleasing us.

Oh and look how pudgy Isabelle has gotten from this last bath picture.