Monthly Archives: July 2005

Quilt Books

Well since I’m going to pick up my quilting again I decided to look for my quilt books. Whoo that’s hard work. I don’t know where in the house I’ve scattered them all. I’ve found two of them and am now wondering if I even own this one, Snowfolk Friends.

I know I always wanted it but did I ever buy it?

I want to keep looking but my back is bothering me so off to lay down I go.

Started a Baby Bootee

This convoluted looking thing that Nestle is trying to step on (see her foot in the corner) is the start of baby bootees from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies. I know I said I wanted to work on a quilt next. But seeing as I haven’t gone to get any fabric that didn’t happen. And I would have picked up Alan’s quilt but that didn’t happen either. I don’t have a nice little craft area set up and I need help from Alan to pull out the table and sewing machine. Well since I haven’t asked him for that help yet he hasn’t done it. (He’s not psychic see…)

Well my hands were itching to work on something. So I looked in my box of yarn and pulled this yarn out and started with the baby bootee. It isn’t my first choice in color but like I said I was itching to work on something. And why didn’t I pick up one of my unfinished knitting projects. Good question. Why didn’t I ask myself that before I started?

Swimming Today

I’m making an apple pie from scratch today. It’s in the oven cooking as I’m typing away here. And when it’s all done we’re bringing the pie to a friend’s house for a barbecue and to go swimming. SWIMMING! I’m so excited. I love swimming. I wish we had a pool. I was so looking forward to it last night I was singing to myself me and the baby are going swimming, me and the baby are going swimming!

Yep…we’re going SWIMMING!

Happy July 4th!

It’s just a short post right now. We had a great time at my friend’s house yesterday. She throws a July 4th party every year but this year it wasn’t on the 4th which sort of threw us off since we were expecting fireworks when it got dark. But there were none. I was hoping to post some pictures but ummm…nope. Just a short post right now. No finagling with the camera or uploading pictures.

And today Alan is going to bring me to see a movie. We’ll see how that goes. We went and watched Batman Begins how many weekends ago and did I mention that it was awful? Not the movie but the experience. I was all sore and uncomfortable and I told Alan I think this is the last movie we see in a while. Probably no more movies until way after the baby is born. But here we go today to give it another try. I’ve worn comfy stretchy pants and we’re going to sit in the back of the theater so I can stand up and change positions. And hopefully when we come out I won’t feel like a big knot of pain.

Yesterday at the Movies

We went to watch War of the Worlds yesterday. I enjoyed it very much (even though Tom Cruise is crazy. His craziness only distracted me from the movie for a second when I leaned over and said Tom Cruise is crazy to Alan.) I am a sci fi freak and I usually enjoy end of the world type movies so this was right up my alley. I completely got absorbed in the movie. I was holding onto Alan’s hand for dear life and wasn’t even aware when he tried quite desperately to shake himself free from my grasp.

And I’m happy to report that my wearing of loose pants and sitting not in the back but on the side almost in the back where I could fidget and move as I pleased helped my back immensely. No pain when I came out at all. In fact…I felt so good afterwards that Alan allowed me to drag him to THE FABRIC STORE!!

And now I can start on a quilt for the baby. I’ve decided to try to make something up. We’ll see how that goes. I told Alan I wanted to finish his quilt first but he told me to start on the baby’s quilt. So I can’t decide now. He needs to drag out the sewing machine still so I’ll decide then.