Happy Father’s Day

My father is an amazing guy. He has stories from his life that belong in a book or in a movie. Growing up he would tell me these fantastic stories and the best part was in these stories my dad was the hero; he was the main character.

As a young man my dad escaped from China. He actually made multiple attempts of which the adventures included trying to escape from attack dogs, swimming miles, hiking through mountains, and being smuggled into Hong Kong masquerading as a fare collector.

Jumping ahead in the story of his life, after I was born my parents were given the opportunity to come to America. They packed up just a few precious things, left everything else behind, and within three days were on a plane to America. Two weeks later my sister was born, the first American citizen in our family.

That’s a peek into my dad’s life.

I love you daddy!

One thought on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Dads are wonderful story material. Mine has fabulous stories as well. However your note gave me a thought: Maybe this explains the naming issue, huh ?

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