Baking Mood

I’ve been in a baking mood. Usually it’s about 5 am in the morning after not sleeping all night (remember we’re nightowls). And the other day I was watching Groundhog Day and Phil was eating doughnuts in the movie so I wanted doughnuts (I usually am in the mood for whatever food I see on TV. Did I ever mention that?).

So I found a recipe for Best Ever Baked Doughnuts and made myself some. They don’t look like doughnuts. They look like cupcakes. And of course they would look like cupcakes because I used my cupcake tin. The directions call for a muffin tin. Is that the same as a cupcake tin?

Well anyhoo they were yummy. Much better when they were warm right out of the oven. They’re cold now but they’ll do for my see something on TV and I want craving.

One thought on “Baking Mood

  1. your donuts look delicious! my daughter and i want to make them this weekend. thanks for sharing the recipe.

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