Daily Archives: June 30, 2005

Shellfish Mood

I’ve been in a shellfish mood. I want crab, lobster, and oysters or clams. I didn’t use to like oysters or clams when I was younger. I thought they were slimy and chewy and gross. But then last year sometime Alan and I went and had dinner at some restaurant and the waitress asked us if we wanted to try their special on their clam appetizer with butter and garlic for $1.99. I told Alan remember I don’t like clams but you can try it if you want. Alan ordered a plate and I was very hungry so I tried one. And I loved it. LOVED IT! He must have had two and I ate the rest. And then we ordered 2 more plates and I scarfed them all down. ALL! Alan just sat there in wonderment saying I thought you didn’t like clams.

And now I’m in the mood for oysters.

So have you ever had raw oysters? Raw meat freaks me out. Eew! So now I’m curious. People don’t eat them while they’re alive right? Don’t they squirm in your mouth trying to escape? Or are they freshly dead? If they’re dead how does one kill them before they eat them? Does opening the shell kill the oyster? What do you do? Stab it to death? How exactly do you make sure an oyster is dead before you go chewing on it? Yack. I’m so grossed out now.