Daily Archives: June 21, 2005

Baking Mood

I’ve been in a baking mood. Usually it’s about 5 am in the morning after not sleeping all night (remember we’re nightowls). And the other day I was watching Groundhog Day and Phil was eating doughnuts in the movie so I wanted doughnuts (I usually am in the mood for whatever food I see on TV. Did I ever mention that?).

So I found a recipe for Best Ever Baked Doughnuts and made myself some. They don’t look like doughnuts. They look like cupcakes. And of course they would look like cupcakes because I used my cupcake tin. The directions call for a muffin tin. Is that the same as a cupcake tin?

Well anyhoo they were yummy. Much better when they were warm right out of the oven. They’re cold now but they’ll do for my see something on TV and I want craving.

Fruitychick is back

I’m a lurker on Fruitychick’s blog. I cried when I read her post about Gwen in September and cried again today remembering her loss. I don’t think I ever contacted her back in September to say how sorry I was. I was still caught up in my own loss I guess. So today I was actually going to come out of lurking to tell her this but couldn’t seem to comment. So I’ll say it here. It’s nice to see she’s back and my thoughts are with her. I’m glad she’s back.

Monte Kitty

Back in April an old friend from when I was a little girl found me through my blog. We’ve been keeping in touch through email since then. Well today I just found out she has a blog of her own, Monte Kitty! That’s so cool. Now I can see what crafty things she’s up with! Hi Monte Kitty!

It’s so funny…when I was reading through her blog I came across this entry about hearing a noise in the middle of the night. That totally reminds me of me!

Blogs I Read

I sure have been posting a lot today. I think it’s because I’m feeling exceptionally good today compared to the past week. I know I haven’t mentioned it but who wants to read sheesh I feel like crap today for a week?

Well anyhoo to the reason of this post. I have been using Bloglines for a while, from the end of January to be exact. I’ve been subscribing and subscribing to different blogs but have never updated my favorites list here on my blog. It wasn’t until today that I finally figured out I could link to my subscriptions. I don’t know why it took me so long. It was sooo simple. You would have thought I would have figured it out back in January. Duh! And wow seeing that list…I sure read a lot of blogs. Good thing for bloglines. I can’t believe I used to actually bookmark blogs I wanted to read then tediously open each one only to be disappointed when they hadn’t updated.