Daily Archives: June 20, 2005

Pregnant Doll

My sister, Helen is so creative. She made me a doll. A pregnant doll. A doll of ME!! IT’S ME!! A PREGNANT ME! It’s sooo cute. She just surprised me with it on Saturday. She just felt like making it and did! She made the doll out of terry cloth and the hair is yarn. She ran out of brown yarn so added the yellow yarn and when my mom saw it she said hey that’s like Kuky’s hair, all crazy. :) I love the doll. It’s toooo cute. It has a little flower belt and cute wrap with an underwrap.

It’s anatomically correct meaning it has boobs with nipples and there’s a baby in there with an umbilical cord. The baby was attached to the cord but Marwan pulled too hard and disconnected it. But that’s fine with me since in imaginary doll world the baby needs to be disconnected to drink milk from the boobs.

I told her that she should make customized ones for sale for moms to be like me. I love everything she makes. I will have to post some pictures of some of her other creations another time.

Alan thinks the doll is sort of disturbing. I think it’s the whole baby stuck up in the doll thing that disturbs him but I love it. Helen figured I would like it. She knows my tastes. There are more pictures here but ummm like I said boobs with nipples so if you don’t want to see that don’t look at the last picture.