Daily Archives: June 7, 2005

Orchid Bloomed

Oh, I almost forgot. The buds on the orchid bloomed. It always surprises me when plants in my care actually flower. I mean actually flower and not fall over and die. Every year it surprises me. I wish I knew what I was doing. I wonder…if I did know what I was doing in the garden would I garden more?

Probably not :-D

Package From Trixie

Trixie is so sweet I could cry. She sent me a package. Nestle was so excited she wouldn’t even let me finish opening it before thrusting her little head in there (she was after the bones). I knew a book was coming and something for the dogs. But look what else I got! Something for the baby (the cutest little bib and little baby mittens so she won’t scratch her little baby face) and candy, YES CANDY for me!

Awwww *sniff, sniffle I’m all teary eyed*

Thank you Trixie! You’re AWESOME!