Monthly Archives: May 2005

Searching, searching, searching…

I still can’t find my damn tablet pen! I’ve been searching on and off for hours. I found some unused yarn, a missing yarn needle, two of my missing double pointed size 2 needles, a stitch holder, two post it pads that I’ve been desperately trying to find for a week, a scarf that I made for a friend, a yarn book of doggy sweaters, and some Oral-B Brush Ups my sister got me when I had my morning sickness.

I’ve searched two drawers in our bedroom and two boxes in one of the other bedrooms. Can you tell I’m totally obsessed with finding the damn thing today? It’s the only thing on my mind. Why isn’t there a magic find anything number I can call? See I’ve already posted twice today…twice on absolutely nothing because my obsessive searching is driving me quite batty.

Alan Worked on the Side Yard

Today I went into the side yard. I haven’t gone out there in ages (meaning weeks). So I was out there a couple of minutes and then it dawned on me that Alan had cleaned up! I was standing there for several minutes looking at the plant area and didn’t even realize the plants were gone!

We used to have these gigantic geraniums out there. They were old and scary big. If they were on the floor they would be above my waist. That’s how tall they were. They were along the whole length of the walkway. Even after cutting them down low they would grow right back and droop over and block the entire walkway. Amazingly even though we never watered them, they would flower every year, big blooms (is that what you call them?) that were bigger then the size of a fist.

The flowers are beautiful but the plant was scary. Well I thought they were scary…like some small animal could hide in there and leap out at me. Which is very possible. I’ve been out there at night and I’ve heard things creeping around in those creepy geraniums.

Well anyhoo, Alan and I have been talking about cutting them all away and putting some smaller plants in (that won’t have animals leaping out at me). And he did. He pulled most of them out and it looks so nice and clean now. There are only about two plants left. Yay. He’s so sweet. I don’t even know when he did that. Now we have to decide what we want to put in instead.

Spaghetti & Meatballs

I’ve never made meatballs before. Ever. This is my first time. It’s a recipe from Taunton’s Fine Cooking magazine, the May 2005 #71 issue. They’re humongous. They’re 2.5 inches in diameter. Alan saw them and said “WHAT?! Those aren’t meatballs. They’re gigantic. Those are hamburger patties!”

Alan really enjoyed it. He said the marinara sauce was better then the sauce I get in a jar from the grocery store. :) Yeah. Better be good. Took me a damn long time to make.