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The Secret Is Out


It looks like a blob but it’s not! It’s a baby! Right between the blue plus signs is the baby! OUR BABY! I’m pregnant!!! Did you figure it out from my Illustration Friday this week?

I emailed the picture of the ultrasound to Helen and Bridgette then called them and said “Go check your email!!” Then I hung up and waited for them to call back. Bridgette called back right away but Helen didn’t call back fast enough so we conference called her and she told my mom.

I didn’t think my parents would understand the picture and I was right. Here’s how the conversation went with my mom and my sister (except imagine them talking in Chinese).

  • Helen: Mom look at this picture
  • Mom: What is it?
  • Helen: It’s Kuky
  • Mom: Where?! I don’t see her in that picture! It doesn’t look anything like her.So then here starts the Chinese ummm…what do I call them…weird things…things I can’t do according to my mom. So here’s a list so far.
  • Don’t reach my hands up over my head. Why? I don’t know. Told you they were weird.
  • Don’t eat mangoes. Why? Again…don’t know.
  • Don’t eat watermelons…don’t know…Oh and here’s one Bridgette’s mom threw in (and yes she’s Chinese too)
  • For the first month after the baby is born you can’t take a shower. Why? Don’t know.And the only one I’m planning on listening to so far is the one from my doctor who is NOT Chinese.
  • Do not eat raspberries because they can cause cramps.See how that works?Warning.

    Reasoning for warning.

    Not just don’t do this because I don’t know, just don’t do it. Where’s the reasoning behind all the weird Chinese pregnant things?! I knew those weird Chinese suggestions would start once my mom knew and I almost kept the secret longer. But I am so happy. I didn’t want to keep it in any longer. Alan said I should have waited for Christmas to tell anyone and just dropped by all the relatives with the baby to tell them. He’s silly that husband of mine.

    Now I can unhide all my posts that I’ve been writing about the pregnancy! Ummm…well maybe tomorrow. I’ve feeling a mite nauseous and am going to find food to stuff in my face or as I say to the dogs in the morning when they want their breakfast: No you eat later! Me and the baby come first!

  • Come out come out wherever you are

    So I went through my posts and unhid all those hidden pregnancy posts I’ve been writing. I believe there are 9 of them. I sometimes wish blogger had categories so I could categorize everything I post. (I’m very anal that way don’t you know.)

    Because if it did then I could have a little pregnancy page with this list:

  • 1/31/2005 First Prenatal Visit
  • 1/18/2005 Liar I am, I am
  • 1/17/2005 Babies are Made Of
  • 1/16/2005 A Visiting I Go
  • 1/15/2005 Fun Loud Singing
  • 1/10/2005 Prenatal Clerk Visit
  • 1/09/2005 Nestle Sniifs
  • 1/07/2005 Rainbow
  • 1/06/2005 Great Day And did you notice? I added the cute little baby ticker from Lilypie to my page!!

    Lilypie Baby Ticker

  • Dog in my mouth

    Nestle just ran into me. She ran her little snout into my mouth. IN MY MOUTH while I was talking to Helen on the phone. It was so weird and funny. Why would she shove her snout/nose into my mouth?

    Well to that Helen said “at least it was only her nose that was in your mouth. This morning I woke up and Happy ran over and laid his balls on my mouth!

    Eew gross!!

    Morning Sickness

    It’s Leta’s birthday today. Happy Birthday Leta! It might be my hormones but Dooce’s newsletter this month had me bawling. I just know how it feels to want this baby so bad even when I’m absolutely miserable as I have been for the past two days with morning sickness. It’s been so frustrating. I’m pissy and whenever I look at Alan I’m mad, irrationally mad because it’s not like he can make my morning sickness magically disappear. But crazy though it sounds when I look at him that’s what I’m thinking about: how dare you not make my morning sickness go away?! How can you just sit there looking so NOT SICK when I feel like CRAP?!

    I think I’m annoying Alan. I can see it in his face. He knows how frustrated I am and that makes him frustrated which makes me even more frustrated. He went and took his shower with his grumpy face with his eyebrows all drawn together and his mouth all tight. But when he came out he was better. He kissed me on the cheek and then again on the forehead before he went to sleep.

    Still didn’t make my morning sickness go away though.