Illustration Friday: Balance

I can’t believe it! I completely forgot about Illustration Friday this week! Didn’t remember at all, not even a teensy bit until I went to read Lopie’s journal today.

And why is that? Because I’ve been a busy bee trying to balance my checkbook for days. I’m usually very anal about it and if I could, I would keep track of every penny. But for some reason these past how many months I’ve been procrastinating on balancing my checkbook. And Quicken is being temperamental and transactions are disappearing and basically it’s a mess.

So it’s really fitting that this week’s topic is balance. I took a break from my Quicken mess to draw. And the first thing that came to mind was this handheld video game I used to have when I was little. It was a waiter balancing dishes trying to get them across the room. So I played with that idea and came up with my waiter balancing money.

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