Daily Archives: January 29, 2005


Oh my gawd! How come I’ve never heard of Bloglines? Ann even mentioned it on her site. And I read her like EVERYDAY! And also hello it’s on her sidebar!

Bloglines is so easy to use! At first I thought oh I have to download something and open a new application blah blah blah. But it’s not. I just signed up and it’s all in my internet browser. I even put the handy little bookmark to easily add sites to my bloglines.

And now I’ve been on the computer for way too many hours happily surfing from blog to blog, finding new reads and adding sites to my bloglines feeds. And now I won’t have to open each site separately not knowing if they’ve updated. All I need to do is log on to bloglines and it will show who’s updated.

Now I understand how my site feed works. I originally put it up not really understanding what it’s for and NOW I GET IT. Why doesn’t everyone have one?