Daily Archives: January 26, 2005

Knitting Content – Frill

Wow a picture! and Wow it’s knitting content. Yep. It’s my variation on a frill. I finished it! I was stumped a little at first because the amount of stitches on the frill didn’t match up with the rest of the piece. But I realized that they did if I dropped the yarn overs. That way I came up with the exact right number. And I was supposed to pay attention when I was doing the kitchener stitch but I obviously wasn’t paying close enough attention because I ended up with an extra stitch. But that’s ok. I just finagled it in. And it’s not noticeable at all, at all, at all.

Now what new project shall I start? I really should try to finish up some of my old projects. Squishy needs a face still. :( Ok I need to kick my own ass and get to it.