Daily Archives: January 25, 2005

"I am the dog!"

We were watching one of those nature shows on KQED the other night about dogs. They had just mentioned something about you having to be the leader or the dog would become leader in a house. And I know Alan meant to say he was the leader but instead he loudly proclaimed as he pounded on the bed with his fist “I am the dog!”

Still laughing about it today.

Cute Little Dead Girl

I’m all full of posts today aren’t I? Third one today!

I happened to run across I like green peas for breakfast where Monica mentions someone found her site with the phrase “elenor the cute little dead girl”. I believe the searcher meant Lenore the cute little dead girl which is a cute creation by Roman Dirge about yep a cute little dead girl. I am not a perverted freak and reading Lenore does not a freak make. A whole bunch of other things make me a freak! Ha ha ha.

(Maybe like having Lenore comics number one through 10 and soon to have number eleven and having a Lenore lunchbox and a Lenore t-shirt and a Lenore doll and even a Lenore keychain makes me a freak. Huh…huh? Maybe?)