Deep Sleep

How’s the finishing going on my variation on a frill? I got as far as taking it out of my bag and wrapping it around myself thinking oooh it’s long enough. Then as I was putting it aside, Waldo took a sniff at it and I said to him (yes I talk to my dogs) “I’m going to finish this tonight”. Well that is soooo not happening. I’m tired and I am planning to go to sleep early and deeply. So deeply that I won’t feel the bed shake as someone maneuvers around trying to take a picture of me sleeping next to Waldo touching hand to paw. This deeply.

Liar I am, I am

When I went to see my sister with my bestest friend banana Bridgitta I walked into a conversation about taxes and disability. (Bridgette was helping the church my sister works at do accountant stuff) So they were talking about how if Helen got pregnant again she could get disability and I said oh does that mean I can have disability? I forgot I had not told them yet that I was pregnant. I thought I had oh so stealthily steered the conversation away from pregnancy when my sister asked “are you pregnant?” She’s a smart wily one that sister of mine is. So I promptly lied “no.” I am a liar.