Daily Archives: January 12, 2005

Secret to Taking Pictures of My Poochies

How did I get a picture of her cuteness yawning while curled up with her little back paws tucked under her front legs? Well here’s the secret. Accidental shooting involving huffiness and multiples.

Huh you say. Well this is how I take pictures of my poochies. Every time.

One of the dogs does something cute.

  • Me: Honey grab the camera. (because usually if I go the dogs follow me)
  • Alan: No you go.
  • Me: Pleeeeeease….they’ll move.
  • Alan: No.
  • Me: Pretty pleeeeeease!
  • Alan: No.
  • Me: Pretty preeeeety pleeeease!!

    Alan huffs off into the other room because the camera would always be in the other room. He brings the camera back grumpily.

  • Alan: Next time, you better tie this thing around your neck.

    Now repeat for every time after this. (that’s why there is Alan huffiness)

    And the multiples part was that Nestle was already doing something cute and I just kept on shooting and by chance I caught her yawn. Shooting this way I get a whole bunch of crap pictures but I’ll accidentally take good ones too. And that’s my secret of taking my poochie pictures.