Daily Archives: January 5, 2005


And so begins Squishy. And a little mess he is too. I wanted so desperately to make him so I’m knitting him up tired and half paying attention. So he’s full of mistakes. But that’s ok. He’s an original. None out there have his mistakes. He’s going to someone as a surprise yesh he is.


So I asked Alan if my squishy looked like a rabbit?

And he said: yes except what’s with the tail? Why is it so long?

He was talking about the one leg I made.

I laughed so hard. I was literally rolling all over the floor and every single time I tried to explain that it was a leg and not a long tail I would just start laughing again.

Happy De-Lurking Day!

Today on Purling Swine I saw that it is De-Lurking Day. What’s De-Lurking Day? Well a lurker is someone who reads a site but never comments. So De-Lurking Day is your chance to say hi!

Or as it says on Paper napkin:
I know you’re out there. My stats tell me you’re out there. And today you have a once in a lifetime chance to let your presence be known.

Well, okay, technically you have that chance everyday, but today is De-Lurking Day! A special day celebrating lurkers, and exhorting you to muster the strength and bravery to click on that comment button and end the deafening silence.

So go ahead…say hello! :) I dare you. I double dog dare you.