Daily Archives: January 3, 2005

Test Swatch

Test swatch

I always rush into knitting. Which is bad bad bad. Knitting up some test swatches would be a good idea, no an excellent idea. Like when I thought oooh I’ll make the thrice cursed lace scarf I found on the forum of crafster.org. But I didn’t want a scarf. I thought I’d make it bigger, a shawl. So I cast on many many stitches and then had the hardest time trying to pull the first stitch over two stitches. I couldn’t catch the yarn. I would have to pick and the yarn with my finger and slip my left needle under. That would take forever to knit that way. And you know if I had done a test swatch that would have been apparent immediately. So I frogged it. And that took forever because the yarn is fuzzy and catches.

Well, so now I’m going to use the feather and fan stitch which I was thinking about using yesterday. And you know what…I didn’t swatch it up. Crap.