Illustration Friday: Home

Illustration friday: home

This week’s Illustration Friday is Home. Weird illustration for home huh? Well, when I think of home, I think of family and friends, but I mainly think of Alan. Wherever I am as long as I’m with Alan I’m always at home.

I took a picture of Alan that I didn’t post on here because he looked so silly. I took it on that day when we went and got our Christmas tree and I made Alan hug the tree. He was standing next to the tree and I had the camera in my hand and I pointed it at him and said smile honey! So he did this crazy fake smile with his mouth all distorted, his nose scrunched up a little, and his teeth showing. I love that photo. It’s completely silly and totally Alan.

So when I thought of home and Alan I knew I wanted to draw him. At first I thought I would draw a regular illustration like a portrait but then when I started I knew I wanted this silly one instead. And I love it just as much as I love the photograph. I’m thinking I want to do a whole series with my family and friends all making silly faces. 🙂