Illustration Friday: Bubble

Illustration friday: bubble

Let me introduce you to Monchichi. He was my favorite toy before my pound puppies. When I was little I used to carry him everywhere. I got him as a gift from Olinda when we were very young. I’ve known Olinda since I was six years old but I can’t remember if that’s when she gave him to me. Well Monchichi is all ratty and old now, he has fur missing in places, and he’s all nappy and some of his color has worn away but I still have him, I think I always will. He happily posed for this week’s Illustration Friday. Why is he in a bubble you ask? Well it’s no ordinary bubble. It’s a magic bubble. Yep you heard me right. A MAGIC BUBBLE.

When I was little I would imagine my toys in magic bubbles to protect them. They were perfect for those clumsy moments or for that time when Olinda was mad at me when we were kids and threw Monchichi down the stairs. He was alright though because of his magic bubble.

Aaah…the imaginations of children. I loved him so much. It’s so ridiculous and I can’t believe I’m sharing this but as I was drawing this I had Monchichi in my lap and I would pick him up occasionally to kiss his face just like I did as a child. It’s the kid in me. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Bubble

  1. “Way up in da trees live da Monchichis…”

    I love it! My husband will sometime break out into this song while playing with our dog 🙂

  2. Oh my GAWD! As soon as I saw that I just KNEW it was a Monchichi!
    I never had one, but I totally remember the commercial and part of the song….”Monchichi Monchichi, Oh so soft and cuddly , with their thumb in their mouth their really neat….” and that’s all I remember. (scarey that I even remember that much!) And the music too. Eek! I’m having an early 80’s flashback! How fun!

  3. Oh no, I am all nostalgic for when I was something like 7 now. I LOVED the Monchichis! I even love more your story about the magic bubbles that protected them. I love even more than that your drawing. So perfect!

  4. Thank you for reminding me of these little monkeys, I had a couple of them, a whole family, and mom made clothes for them. Think I still got them up in the attick somewere…. Great pic!


  5. you should see MY old teddy bear…ragged but well-loved! just loved your illo and your story!


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