Illustration Friday: Adoption

Illustration friday: adoption

I know it’s not very original but when I think of adoption I think of my dogs right away. So, this is what I did for Illustration Friday this week. I sketched one of my favorite photos of Waldo.

Waldo and Nestle are just like our kids. They were adopted right into our family and into our hearts. And Waldo is just like a kid. He is like a big baby. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that before but he is.

I feed the dogs twice a day. Simple enough. But with Waldo when he’s done eating I need to wipe his mouth and clean the crevices, nooks, and crannies in his face. How he gets food all over his face is quite a mystery to me. And yes i do need to wipe it or he goes and wipes in wherever he pleases i.e. the floor, the bed skirt, the couch…anything. Oh then he’s still not done. Then I clean his tail. He’s a big fat stumpy guy and can’t reach his tail. So he needs help there. Everyday! Yes I try to do this twice a day. Now that isn’t all. When he drinks he doesn’t do that neatly either. He drips a path away from the water bowl. So I have to wipe his face. Just like a baby he is. And I love him. Can you tell?

Thank goodness it’s just him. Nestle is a breeze compared to Waldo. The only thing I have to worry about is brushing her teeth more often. She doesn’t have teeth as good as Waldo. I wonder if that’s because she chews her food while Waldo seems to inhale it.

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  1. if they didn’t have a personal adoption story themselves, most people thought of their adopted animals…I like your illo very much!


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