I Love you Christmas Tree

Christmas tree
We got a christmas tree at Clayton Valley Pumpkin Farm. Yay! (I found them by going to the National Christmas Tree Association page.) They had yummy hot mulling cider, a gift barn, and I think they even have a train you can ride. We didn’t see a train though, just a sign saying when the train runs. It was very quiet. We were the only people there. But that’s probably because most people don’t go buy christmas trees on Monday in the early afternoon.

We tried to get a tree the same size as last year. But neither of us could remember exactly how big that tree was so we eyeballed it. We both quite obviously have faulty memories because the tree is humongous. It’s definitely bigger then the one from last year. It didn’t look that big when we bought it. It somehow seemed smaller when we were out on the lot. But when we got it home and popped it open it looked gigantic. Even standing on the chair Alan can’t reach the top.

Now it just needs decorating. But before it gets all gussied up it got hugs. I hugged it saying “I love you christmas tree!” And then I made Alan hug it. He’s so sweet to indulge even my silly requests.

3 thoughts on “I Love you Christmas Tree

  1. does that guy love you or what?? not only have you got him hugging trees, he let you take a picture of it!

  2. i know the clayton valley pumpkin farm! glad to read another bay area knitters blog. and i adore the artwork… 🙂

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