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Confusion over Butterflies are Free

White yarn

So I got back to knitting my frill. I only knit about five more rows when I decided to start another project, a gift. My knitting can be sporadic at times so I decided to start now to have any hope of finishing by Christmas.

Start of scarf

It’s going to be the Butterflies are Free scarf from Stitch ‘n Bitch Nation. I just got the book the other day and read Decode the Code. At that time I thought it was like someone turned a light-bulb on in my head. But my light-bulb must be faulty because when I read it last night, it made such perfect sense but today when I started knitting this scarf it all went to crap. :)

So what happened?!

Well in the book the gauge says 16 sts and 20 rows = 4″ in St st.

So “decoding” it I get 4 stitches makes 1″.

So then I look at the gauge on the yarn label. It says 4 sts = 1″.

So I’m like ALRIGHT! I can just start knitting and it’ll be perfect. Nope didn’t happen, it’s not right. It still looks like a scarf, just a really really super skinny one. Now am I not understanding after all? “Decoding” the pattern again when I cast on 12 stitches so that means my scarf should be 3″ wide. Right? But mine was a 1.5″ wide scarf. So I frogged it.

I looked more closely at the directions and the yarn label. In the book it says use US 6 (4mm) needles. On the yarn label it says use US 10 (6mm). So if I switch to US 10 will it be right then? Will it be 3″ wide? Or is that still wrong because the gauge in the book says “in St st” and my yarn label doesn’t say “in St st”. Aaaahhhh now I’m sooooo confused! I’ve taken an imaginary bat to my imaginary light-bulb in my head and smashed it to bits.

Illustration Friday: Bubble

Illustration friday: bubble

Let me introduce you to Monchichi. He was my favorite toy before my pound puppies. When I was little I used to carry him everywhere. I got him as a gift from Olinda when we were very young. I’ve known Olinda since I was six years old but I can’t remember if that’s when she gave him to me. Well Monchichi is all ratty and old now, he has fur missing in places, and he’s all nappy and some of his color has worn away but I still have him, I think I always will. He happily posed for this week’s Illustration Friday. Why is he in a bubble you ask? Well it’s no ordinary bubble. It’s a magic bubble. Yep you heard me right. A MAGIC BUBBLE.

When I was little I would imagine my toys in magic bubbles to protect them. They were perfect for those clumsy moments or for that time when Olinda was mad at me when we were kids and threw Monchichi down the stairs. He was alright though because of his magic bubble.

Aaah…the imaginations of children. I loved him so much. It’s so ridiculous and I can’t believe I’m sharing this but as I was drawing this I had Monchichi in my lap and I would pick him up occasionally to kiss his face just like I did as a child. It’s the kid in me. :)

Christmas Tree Shopping

Tree shopping

I love love LOVE this time of year, when the air gets cold and we can snuggle in front of a fire. Last year was the first year we bought a christmas tree of our very own. We’ve been in the house for five years now but never got a tree until last year. I don’t know why it took us so long but now it’s something I plan to do every year. So we had planned to go get our tree today. In my head I imagined a fun day choosing our tree, then the happy drive home, the smell of pine needles in our house, and then the decorating. Oooh such a happy memory. The happy day was all laid out in my head.

So Alan and I went for breakfast and then headed to a lot close by in Martinez. The selection wasn’t very big so Alan asked if I wanted to drive down to the place we got our tree last year. It was in Berkeley I think and it was gigantic. It looked like three lots next to each other. So I happily agreed and we headed out. Half way there we saw a broken christmas tree by the side of the road. It must have fallen off someone’s car. :( How sad. We had this whole conversation on whether the poor family who lost their tree went back and got another one, if they were sad, if they had kids in the car that were sad, if the parents were mean or couldn’t afford another tree. O.k…actually it was more a one sided conversation. Just me voicing all that while Alan sat there listening to my wild imaginings. His only contribution was yeah and maybe they cancelled Christmas. (from Christmas with the Kranks) Ok so anyhoo…when we got to Berkeley to where the turn off to the tree lot was, there was NO TREE LOT! :( Waah waaah waaah! We drove all that way and there were no trees. I was so disappointed. Poof there went my happy christmas tree shopping day.
No tree shopping

Morning Sight

Morning view

This is usually the sight that greets me in the morning. Usually except there’s some toy or other in Nestle’s mouth that she likes dropping on my face. What a wonderful way to awaken.

I don’t usually get this view because Waldo is lazy and knows a good thing when he sees it and is still sleeping. He doesn’t wake up until the food comes.
Morning view

Yarn Store Closing

The yarn store where I learned to knit is closing. :( Helen told me yesterday and so Alan drove me to San Francisco today to buy yarn. Which I did, balls and balls and balls of yarn. I bought a book too. And Helen got a doggy sweater book. Books we can’t read, they’re in Japanese we think. But they had such cute things that I want to make. I don’t know if I will be able to but maybe I can figure it out. That’s what the shop owner did. She just looked at the pictures.

Japanese knitting book

Japanese knitting book