Daily Archives: November 30, 2004

The Crazy Thing

My hair cut off

Ok…so what’s the crazy thing? I cut my hair. Doesn’t really sound crazy does it? Well the craziness factor is here:

It was Thanksgiving morning. I hopped into the shower and was washing my hair when I snapped. I just got fed up, FED UP WITH ALL MY HAIR. I asked Alan for a pair of scissors and a rubber-band. He had no idea what I was doing. He just obliviously handed me the items and walked away. After some slow snip snip with the dull scissors and without looking in a mirror my hair was gone. I cut off 2 feet of hair. I called Alan back to help me finish it. Of course it was lopsided which is what happens when one goes hacking away at their hair without looking. Alan helped me straighten it and it doesn’t look bad. But what I dreaded happened. It poofed out. It doesn’t look crazy though…well only this morning when I woke up. But nothing a brush can’t tame a little.

Crazy Hair

So I get up this morning and Alan walks into the room. He looks at me and then his face breaks into a smile, not a good morning I missed you while I was at work and I love you smile but an amused smile. Then he says “Your hair is all crazy“. And my response is: I know I washed it last night and now it’s a little poofy. He says “Your hair looks cute“. So I say is that only a you look cute cuz you love me? What would someone else say about my hair? He just smiled and walked away.


Feeling like a big baby

Feeling like a big baby who wants some attention. Why? Because Alan spent the last half hour before going to work on the phone and not with me after I had made him a nice dinner.

What a big baby I am.