Daily Archives: November 26, 2004

Illustration Friday: Cling

Illustration friday: cling
Pssst…hey I’ve got something to tell you…I was a shy girl. Can you tell by reading my blog?

Growing up I was very shy. In high school I think I got a little bit better. But people who didn’t know me thought I was quiet. I think that’s even what’s in my year book. It’s Kuky “does she ever speak”.

Now that I’m grown GROWN up I’d say I’m a whole lot better but sometimes I still get overwhelmed by too many people. Give me one person and I am great. Give me two and I’m uncomfortable. Three or more, I can clam right up. You might not hear a single peep out of me if I’m in front of three strange new people. That happens only rarely now but when it does I wonder where witty charming oh so talkative Kuky has gone? I stand there quietly listening to the talking around me, while I’ve reverted back to a shy little girl of ten.

This post was originally written on Wednesday and all set to go up and then I thought oh I’ll wait for Friday and put this up for cling. I just checked Lopie’s site and there are tons up already. I could have put this up after all. Oh well. Better late then never I guess.

So this is me clinging to my mom. I don’t know if I ever REALLY clung to my mom like this but it’s what I thought about trying to imagine myself as a shy girl.