Daily Archives: November 9, 2004

Pop Pop Pop!

Bubble wrapBubble wrap. It’s the best packing material. When I say best I’m not talking about how well it cushions. I’m talking about fun factor. I really enjoy popping bubble wrap. Pop pop pop. It’s almost addictive.

I don’t like packing peanuts. They are messy and crunchy. I manage to spill them everywhere. I don’t like air filled bags. They don’t give satisfying pops, just sad little hisses as they deflate. I don’t like scrunched up paper. It’s just crinkly. Nothing pops like bubble wrap. Alan once got a package of I don’t remember but I do remember there was loads of bubble wrap! There was so much I couldn’t bare to pop any. We rolled it up and saved it for when we needed to ship something.

ok maybe I popped a couple. Pop pop pop!