Daily Archives: November 7, 2004

Visit with the Family

Today I went out to visit my family. Helen, Ebow, and I went to the Green Festival. It was ok. It was very crowded and hot and it made me antsy. With all the people jostling around me I just had the urge stand there and scream while pushing the crowd away. But I didn’t. :) We were there for a little over an hour. Which was fine with me. If we had stayed any longer my head would have popped. The most interesting and sort of scary thing we saw was this guy.

Puppet guy

He wasn’t in a booth or anything. He was just standing there. Looked like he was just hanging out talking to a friend. He had this puppet like head thing on his chest. And he had a backpack on his head. Well not really on his head. His head was in the backpack. So when he closed up the pack he covered up his head and it looked like this big puppet with a backpack was walking around. Kinda freaky and interesting all at the same time.

After the Green Festival we went back to my mom’s house and had dinner. I haven’t had dinner with my mom in the longest time. Why? Well it’s not that San Francisco is far away, only about an hour to get to my mom’s house. It’s that she’s always working. She works six days a week. And her day off is usually Tuesday. Our schedules just never match up. So we’re at the dinner table and I’m struggling to tell her what happened to my orchids. (I killed them with my wonderful gardening skills) Struggling because I’m attempting to speak Chinese. And I guess I’ve been slowly losing it over the years because I’m having a really hard time. I can understand but am really slow on remembering some words when I’m talking. So I give up and continue in English and my sister is sitting there translating what I’m saying into Chinese. That was a really weird moment there. Sitting at dinner having Helen translate what I’m saying to my mom. Bizarre.

It was a nice day with the family and I got to take more pictures of cute little Ebow.


Ebow in the bath