Daily Archives: November 2, 2004

Procrastinating Me

Ebow with a tampon dollI’m so good at procrastinating. I’m a pro. What am I talking about? Well, I am a permanent absentee voter. I signed up specifically so I wouldn’t have to go to a polling place. I could just fill out my ballot and pop it in the mail. But typical me I haven’t popped it in the mail. And now I will have to go to a polling place to return it. That’s just me…master procrastinator. I would go now, yes I would, but Alan is sleeping and he hasn’t signed his envelope yet and I can’t sign his name for him so here I sit going through pictures. And look what I found: See how much Ebow enjoys the tampon doll I got for Helen. Helen says he loves it! It’s a Helen and me we get it kind of fun toy. Everyone else seems to think it’s disturbing. I think it’s cute and hilarious.