Monthly Archives: October 2004

Squeeze for Joy


We went to Pet Smart today (oh wait, it’s past midnight now so technically yesterday) and saw the cutest little dog. I think it was a yorkshire terrier. She was there to buy a little collar. Probably something cute and adorable and oh so sweet. She was soooo small, maybe as small as Waldo’s big head. She was so cute I wanted to just smoosh her. She did that bowing thing with the toosh in the air. It was so darling, I could just grab her and bite her.

Is that an urge everyone has had at one time or another? I know my nephew does that. He tried to bite Waldo when he was young. It’s either that or grab and squeeze for joy.

Hair Cut

Hair cut

I’ve been thinking about getting my hair cut. But I have this worry that once it’s short it’ll just poof out and and look all crazy. I’ve always wanted straight hair. Not the unruly curly thick hair I have.

Sometimes I wish I were brave enough to shave it all off. But then Alan would really think I was crazy.

A Little More French Market Bag

French market bag progress
I am getting further along on my french market bag. I’m knitting a little here and a little there. I haven’t been moving as fast as I would have liked because I’ve been drawing a lot more lately. But I am absolutely determined to finish it. In fact I’ve given myself a deadline. I want it done before my birthday. That gives me eleven days. I think I can do it. I have one more inch on the bag body and then I’ll start on the handles.



A friend dropped by for a quick visit today. We sat around chatting and eating warm oatmeal raisin cookies with milk. It was nice. After she left I felt lighthearted and fuzzy and happy. I felt like drawing flowers. It’s nice to have friends visit.