Gone Temporarily Mad

If you looked into my Flickr feed recently you might have noticed some photos of yarn. Yep. Yarn.
Burnt orange for a tiny Mr. Fox

Timber Patons Canadiana for a tiny Mr. Fox

Oatmeal Patons Canadiana for a tiny Mr. Fox

That’s because I’ve gone insane and I pile it all up and roll around on it. And I take pictures of it so I can look at it ALWAYS.

Ok. Just joking. But I have gone a little crazy.

Lately when we’ve been watching a movie or a tv show I’ve wanted to work with something in my hands. I don’t want to sit there empty handed.

It all started with this pattern for this little crocheted doll. Well, actually a little before.

Aurora for Isabelle

I was failing at a hat for Alan, failing over and over again; the size was off. I wanted to work on a pattern I could not fail on. And dolls don’t need to fit properly on people’s heads. So, a doll it was to be. And it was an easy choice. 

I got this pattern for Isabelle’s birthday last year but I never got around to making it. So, it was the perfect thing to pick up…finally. But when I was done making it I kept going and going, scouring Ravelry for new patterns then saving them to my ravelry library and downloading a book I would not normally read, The Friday Night Knitting Club, because apparently I’ve gone quite mad for all things fiber related. Crazy I tell ya!!!

Quite a long time ago there was a podcaster who was asking for crafters/makers to come on and talk about why they create. I wanted to call her and say (in a scary crazy voice), the reason I make is because the voices in my head tell me to. Then I would have laughed it off and said, no I don’t really hear voices in my head. It’s just that when I feel like making something, the compulsion is that strong. I imagine if one had voices in their head, telling them to do stuff, the pull would be similar. It just felt strange not to have something in my hands.

So, yay, voices in my head made me make a dolly! *wink, wink*


Oh and about the yarn. There is a reason for them. I took pictures to put up on my Ravelry page because I know I will lose the wrapping and wonder what the heck kind of yarn it is. That’s why I cannot tell you about the yarn I bought to make the dolly. No pictures. Lost wrappers. Ooops.

Project Notes
Pattern: Aurora by Ohana Craft
Yarn: Unknown wrapperless yarn I think might have been Red Heart Soft or/and Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice
Needle Size: 5.0mm (H). The pattern recommended a hook size 4/0, 2.6mm. I didn’t quite understand what this meant. I thought a size 4 was 3.5mm. But I don’t have a 4. And I don’t have a 2.6mm listing on my chart. I do have 3 other hooks smaller than a 5.0mm but I used the 5.0mm. I can’t remember the reasoning, though I’m sure I had one. Maybe I just grabbed a hook I liked. And I really really hope I got the hook size right. I put it in Ravelry a few days after I finished it so I must have put the right hook. But it was a few days after I was done so…now I’m rambling.

Gingerbread House and More

On Friday we headed to the mall for a special visit. The kids got to play with “snow” and they visited with Santa!
Playing with fake snow

Fake snow forwards backwards forwards on Flickr

2013 visit with Santa

After, we headed to Hallmark to get an ornament for our yearly ornament tradition. It’s quite an expensive tradition. Sigh. Nathan very much wanted a motorcycle ornament. We told him it wasn’t a toy. But that was what he wanted. He was adamant. Until Isabelle said she wanted a light up book ornament. Then HE wanted the book ornament. Of course.

A new ornament for our yearly ornament tradition

After spending too much at Hallmark, we headed home and made a gingerbread house!! I can’t remember if we’ve ever made a gingerbread house before. It was super super easy. Especially since it was a pre-made gingerbread house kit. We had a lot of fun with this. I think Nathan was more interested in trying the candies though.

Store bought gingerbread house in a house!

Start to a gingerbread house


Someone is so excited

Playing with icing

Playing with icing


Gingerbread house 2013

Gingerbread house 2013

I think this should be a new tradition!

Oh Christmas Tree

We made a day of getting our Christmas tree this year. We started with a big breakfast. A big breakfast with a little Christmas thrown in, courtesy of a snowman head pancake mold. Then we bundled up and hopped in the car, listening to Christmas music as we drove off to find a tree lot.

A big breakfast

Listening to Christmas music as we drive to get our tree

After driving by two lots and making Alan very grumpy, we stopped at the third one. Then it was tree picking time! As with most years before, we took a while to choose a tree. Isabelle wanted a BIG tree. Nathan wanted a small one. We compromised and got one in between. Good thing the kids didn’t want the purple tree they had on the lot since that was already sold. :)

Then the kids had cookies and hot cocoa while a man shoddily tied our tree to the roof of our car. When that was done, the cold was just too much to bare, so we climbed back into the car to finish our little snacks.

Blurry photographic proof that I was there

Silly girl

BIG Santa cookie

Having cookies and hot cocoa at the tree lot

A purple tree?!?!


Afterwards we headed home to drop off our tree before going to the movie theater to watch Frozen. We all enjoyed it, even with Disney’s someone always has to die part of the storyline.

Following the movie, we ran around a bit trying unsuccessfully to find those little chocolate advent calendar things. Yes, yes, I know it’s already a week into December but Isabelle was really quite excited remembering them from last year.

Watching Frozen

When that was a bust we headed home to decorate our tree. The kids had a blast decorating one side of it and mostly the lower branches on that one side, hanging the ornaments too close to each other. With a little help from us getting them to see there was more than that little patch of tree, we finished it off nicely. They wanted to keep going even when we had no more tree space left. Maybe we should have gotten a bigger tree. :D

Silly tree decorators

What's with this face?

Too close ornaments hung by Nathan