A Search for Trick or Treaters and a Ghost

This morning, I was searching for a pattern I used to crochet some dolls last year. I checked my blog first but I didn’t write about it. So, no luck there. I checked Flickr to see if I wrote where the pattern came from on my picture. But I didn’t write it there either. Poop. I also tried Google but without the exact pattern name I soon tired of wading thru the random links. The last resort: scrolling around on Facebook, I KNOW I had shared it there. And it was! It took me so long to find the pattern, I couldn’t remember WHY I wanted to find it in the first place. Ha! But I figured I’m not going through that again. I better write it down. So, here it is.

Trick or treaters and a ghost done for Halloween

Project Notes
Dress me up trick or treater pattern from CraftyisCOOL
Hipster ghost pattern from Crafteando, que es gerundio

Sewn Felt Food

How’s this for randomness? I actually felt like writing something today! What?!?

I sat down to draw a comic but then I looked at the mess of folders I had on my computer. At the very tip top, I found these pictures of a felt sandwich. I made it for Isabelle years and years ago…maybe even before Nathan was born. Ha!

And since I’ve gotten sucked into organizing now, instead of drawing, I thought I’d share the felt sandwich photos instead. I remember when I made this I especially loved the lettuce, I think it was the fake veins. Is that what you call them? Veins? Veins like in us? Yuck. Now I’m sorta grossed out…but anyhoo…pictures.

Felt food

Love the felt lettuce

And the felt tomato is pretty cool too

Project Notes
Pattern from ISBN 978-4-529-04604-6